At Complete Controls, outstanding customer service doesn't end at delivery...

We provide ongoing technical support, replacement sensors, and instruments to keep your system up to date and working as designed.

Our specialty is the design, manufacturing, and installation of high quality, durable, custom controls ready to provide years of production.


Built for 24/7 operation

Withstand exposure to every manufacturing environment

Easily calibrated to maintain the precision needed to meet the most demanding quality control standards

Adaptable to changing product or production requirements.


Could a consolidation of the flow of raw material, energy, and assembly into a single control system offer an improvement in efficiency? Matching control systems to specific applications and processes often will improve productivity and reduce costs. Complete Controls can help you analyze your options and make recommendations as to the best approach for your specific needs.

Integrating machine control with power usage, raw material flow, and temperature into one control system allows one person to operate and monitor even the most complex operations. Multiple automated or semi automated assemblies can improve productivity by centralizing control of the flow of raw materials or components.


• Improvements in energy distribution and utilization
• Reduction in labor costs
• Centralized monitoring may be remote, local or both
• Increases in productivity and equipment management
• Rapid response to equipment failure or calibration
• Added margins of safety for personnel and equipment


Have a system that used to be top of the line, but just isn't up to today's standards? We have extensive experience upgrading existing systems with the most advanced modern equipment. Click below to see how you can get started.


If you rely on combustion and temperature control as a part of your manufacturing or processing efficient use of energy is important to your bottom line. Complete Controls has significant experience in the design and manufacture of single or multi burner systems, flame, and process monitoring. We build some of the most sophisticated, efficient, and cost effective combustion controls in the industry.

Our combustion control systems include the controls, blowers, burners, motors, sensors, and monitors. Each system is designed for maximum safety with state of the art energy consumption monitoring and flame safety devices while following all NFPA 86 rules and regulations for furnace safety. 



From industrial finishing ovens to keeping the ice cream cold at one of largest ice cream makers in the world… Complete Controls systems accurately control and monitor all types of thermal systems. If maintaining the correct temperature along with precise monitoring is critical for your application let our team help build and install a temperature control system exactly to your specifications.

Our custom control systems can be installed using minimum space while providing easy access to monitors and controls. For temperature critical operations real time remote alerts and monitoring can be included for additional margins of protection of your inventory.

Complete Controls offers a complete line of combustion, temperature management and monitoring equipment Click Here to request information on available products and manufacturers.


Whether you are looking for a simple start button, with a staged shut down switch or a highly complex equipment panel that includes multiple programmable logic controllers, power management control, and sophisticated machine performance and process monitoring. Complete Controls builds them.

We specialize in taking your concept and creating a solution specific to manufacturing or processing needs. Our engineers and experienced technicians will work closely with you from initial design to training and support after installation.

Do you have old equipment with poorly functioning controls or want a boost in efficiency by adding automation to an existing machine? Complete Controls has the experience and technical support to upgrade your equipment. 


  • Semi or Full Automation
  • Power Management
  • Controller types Analog – Digital – Mechanical
  • Integrated Process and Operation Monitoring
  • Increased Safety Margins for Employees and Equipment


Each control panel we build is carefully engineered and manufactured with the highest quality components then fully tested to assure it meets specifications before it leaves our door. Our control panels are ready to go to work as soon as they are installed.

Control Panels that are designed and constructed specifically for an application need long term reliability built in to protect your investment. Here are some of the features of Complete Controls' custom panels:

• Enclosures are designed and manufactured to match environmental hazards they may encounter once in use
• Internal racks, wiring harness, instruments, and controllers are securely mounted for maximum protection, ventilation and stability
• Built to efficiently utilize available floor space
• External controls and monitors are ergonomically designed for easy access and operation

Control Panels from Complete Controls are…

UL 508A Certified (Optional)

State of the Art – Fully Tested

Dependable – Rugged – Cost Effective


Complete Controls carries the best known names in the industry. Need a replacement part? Give us a call today to see how we can help you. The list below is just a partial listing of the products and manufactures we offer. Complete Controls offers installation, repair, calibration, and reconditioning of almost all the products we sell. 


Partial Manufacturer Listing

 - ABB
- Allen Bradley
- Chart Pool
- Control Concepts
- Delta
- Dwyer Instruments
- Exergen
- Eclipse
- Honeywell
- Maxon
- North American
- Omron
- Protection Controls
- Pyromation
- Setra
- Watlow
- More…

Partial Product List

 - AC/DC Drives
- Actuators
- Blowers
- Burners
- Controllers
- Chart Paper
- Data Acquisition
- Electric Heaters
- Flame Rods
- Flame Safety
- Motors
- RDT’s
- Solid State Relays
- Thermocouples
- Thermal Wells
- Transducers
- More…